Key Outputs of the UNIQUE Project

Within the UNIQUE project there are five key outputs:

  • Knowledge Pool including a UNIQUE User Guide
  • 5 UNIQUE Centres in 5 Different Universities
  • UNIQUE Training Programme “European Educational Expert”
  • UNIQUE Centre Activities
  • Business Plan for all 5 UNIQUE Centres


 Research Project Outcomes

The UNIQUE Project has created several documents which are relevant for higher education Systems. These documents are expert advice, service advice and policy analysis on the higher education and mobility systems of participating nations. Some of the documents are presented for benefit of the universities and other users.

UNIQUE Centres

As part of the project, 5 UNIQUE Centres have been established at

  • UIBE – University of International Business and Economics in China (Read more)
  • BIMTECH – Birla Institute of Management Technology in India (Read more)
  • EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico (Read more)
  • NUST – Namibia University of Science & Technology in Namibia (Read more)
  • VSU – Voronezh State University in Russia (Read more)

Project and European Union Systems


Target Group

  • Outgoing students
  • Incoming students
  • Staff with task for exchange programs
  • Heads of different schools for exchange
  • Units of education quality control
  • Channels of education policy-making

Products and services

  • Consulting Service
    Beneficiaries: Students aiming to participate in an Exchange program.
    -> Better understanding of credit system in EU countries and easy selection of the number of courses and duration of their stay for their study in the EU.
  • Distribution of materials
    Beneficiaries: Students and staff interested in participation for degree programs and academic cooperation.
    -> Clear information related to their interest and areas for cooperation about exchange and academic programs in degree and non-degree model.
  • Coordination with EU Partners
    Beneficiaries: Faculties at UIBE seeking collaboration with EU institutions
    -> Details of the courses and research areas will be provided for teachers and researchers who seek for collaboration in academic perspectives.
  • Service support and assistance
    Beneficiaries: Functional departments of Universities
    Assistance is offered for any functional department of a University in if needed and asked for in terms of educational system and quality  Assurance



  • Promote – European Higher Education System & Opportunities
  • Engage – Indian Higher Education Institute for EU learning
  • Motivate – Faculty and Student mobility



  • Promote the idea of international collaboration and exchange
  • Promote quality in higher education in the partner countries in order to be directly comparable with European standards and support the university management in its alignment of European HE collaborations and initiatives
  • Define, collect and analyse key performance indicators (KPI) which are comparable to those from European universities to increase probability of comparability
  • Counsel the partner university concerning recognition of European courses, grades and admission of incoming European students.
  • Counsel international office of universities and outgoing students in selecting high quality European institutions for their studies for open programmes, collaborative degree and exchange programmes
  • Screen the European higher education area for new developments.


Strategic Focus

  • Students
    Exchange program, virtual collaborative projects, international scholarships, international student competitions
  • Faculty
    – Faculty exchange (incoming, outgoing)
    – Research Workshops
  • Research
    – Funded projects
    – Research collaborations
  • Curriculum
    – Global component through group projects with international partners
    – Study tours
  • Capacity Building
    Extending support to partners


Products and services

  • Organizing Seminars
  • Credit and degree management service
  • University collaborations
  • Information on European opportunities for studying abroad
  • Student mobility guidance
  • Faculty mobility guidance
  • Staff Training Programmes
  • Research opportunities and collaboration (as and when announced)

UNIQUE Centre at EGADE Business School


The mission of the UNIQUE Center at EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey, is to promote the international mobility among professors, students and administrative staff by being constantly updated in educational systems around the world, mainly Europe, to enhance their professional and academic experience between EGADE Business School and the world.


The vision of the UNIQUE Centre at EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey, is to become a hub in Latin America about knowledge of the European Higher Education Area in order to promote international mobility between Latin America and Europe.


Products and services

  • To be the contact point with the UNIQUE Centers around the world to know worldwide academic Quality Standards, new programs and educational Systems updating.
    Beneficiaries: Department of Internationalization and department of Accreditations and Rankings (quality assurance) at EGADE Business School.
  • Dissemination of information on education systems around the world. Beneficiaries: European and Latin American universities.
  • To advise on academic programs assessment. Beneficiary: EGADE Business School.
  • Counselling and information sharing. Beneficiearies:
    * Tec de Monterrey students through international Offices.
    * Latin American HEI’s and international student’s organizations in Latin America.
    * European students.
  • Follow up of best practices and new developments in European Higher Education. Beneficiaries: HEI’s in Europe and Latin America.

The Namibia UNIQUE Centre

NUNIQUE, the Namibia-UNIQUE Centre at NUST, is formally integrated at NUST and placed under the Quality Assurance Unit. The QAU will work in close collaboration with International Relations in order to make fully use of their expertise with students exchange and marketing of quality assured academic programmes. The UNIQUE objectives and activities will be executed by the QAU staff supported by IR staff.


NUNIQUE Centre’s Stakeholders: NUST’s community (students, academic & administrative staff), higher education institutions in Africa, Research Units in Africa, international guests to NUST.

To be a responsive centre, a regional hub spreading the UNIQUE project’s objectives, providing expert support and guidance through multiple pathways of applied research, innovation, services and collaboration with stakeholders.

NUNIQUE will strive towards strategic academic cooperation and internationalization of quality assurance and enhancement systems in learning, teaching and research.

Products & Services:

  • Information support: The Centre’s strongest service will be on information sharing and as such to ensure that both staff, students are regularly updated on all events, and have latest information on quality exchanges activities.
  • Advisory services: provide advisory services pertaining to quality assurance mechanisms, staff/ student exchange benefits and credits recognition dimensions.
  • Networking: tap into networks to increase outreach of the expertise. This includes organising workshops/symposia/conferences on regular basis.
  • Innovation management: information sharing collection and collation on the topic in the region.
  • Training programmes: Academic staff/student exchange is considered as training as well as cultural and experience sharing. In this sense, the Centre will play a facilitative role to coordinate, organise and host all related training programmes.

UNIQUE Center at VSU


  • promote European education in Russia
  • facilitate cooperation of Russian universities with their European partners
  • provide support to students intending to study in Europe (exchange and degree programmes)
  • support academic staff interested in joint programmes development.

UNIQUE centre at VSU is a practically oriented structure of rapid reactivity for needs of users adapted to the concrete situation in education field in Russia.

Target Groups

  • VSU students
  • Students of Voronezh region HEIs
  • Graduates, parents
  • Teachers and other university staff
  • International and QA Offices


  • Supporting students interested in European education
    Counselling international offices and outgoing students in selecting high quality European institutions for their studies
  • Accumulating and disseminating information concerning European education
    Screening the European higher education area for new developments. Issuing info bulletins, holding info sessions, counselling Stakeholders
  • Enhancing quality of education in Russia
    Assistance in joint/ double degree programmes development and implementation


Products and services

  • Counseling on European education issues
  • Assistance in European programme/university/academic supervisor selection
  • Study application maintenance
  • Education agreement expertise
  • Assistance in partner search
  • Cooperation/exchange/double degree agreement expertise
  • Double degree maintenance
  • Exchange programmes maintenance
  • Assistance in education/exchange project development
  • Workshops and vocational trainings for academic staff
  • Info sessions for students